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Pasta with mushroom mix and tomato sauce

Pasta with mushroom mix and tomato sauce

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Put the pasta to boil in 3 liters of salted water.

In a saucepan, heat the finely chopped onion and the crushed or finely chopped garlic, cook a little, but do not fry. Add a little water and let it boil for 2-3 minutes. Add the chopped mushrooms, add a little salt and cook for a few minutes, about 5 minutes. Finely chop the tomatoes and add on top, then the tomato paste and a little water to cover everything and let it boil for about 10 minutes. Then add the finely chopped dill and basil, leave for about 10 minutes and add a little more water, as needed, to keep enough sauce. At the end, add sour cream, mix well and turn off the heat, add green parsley.

Drain the pasta with a spatula and put it directly on the plate, scrape the Parmesan cheese on top, then put the mushrooms on top. Throw some green parsley and they are ready to be eaten.

Good appetite!

Pasta with mushrooms and creamy tomato sauce with parmesan

Pasta with mushrooms and creamy tomato sauce with parmesan. Quick pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms, cheese and fresh basil. How to make creamy tomato sauce? Simple recipe for short pasta (shells, butterflies, penne, etc.) with sauce. Vegetarian pasta, without meat.

I think you also have busy days when there is only one hour left for cooking and eating. On such a day I also cooked these delicious pasta with mushrooms and creamy tomato sauce with parmesan. I used short pasta (abissine rigate) but you can also use other models such as penne, farfalle, rigatoni, fusilli or even long pasta (spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle or macaroni).

With this recipe we can sit at the table in 20 minutes. Until the pasta is cooked, the creamy sauce is ready, just like in the recipe for pasta with ham and creamy sauce (the recipe here).

As I enter the kitchen the first thing is to boil a pot of water. I calculate about 1 l of water per 100 g of pasta and approx. 90-100 g of pasta per person - because this sauce is not very consistent. For "more serious" sauces (gen ragu alla bolognese or carbonara) calculate 80-90 g of dry pasta / person.

I leave you the recipe for two portions of pasta with mushrooms and creamy tomato sauce with parmesan.

Ingredients: & # 8211 400 grams of mushrooms & # 8211 100 grams of finely chopped and finely chopped tomatoes & # 8211 salt & # 8211 2 tablespoons oil & # 8211 pasta In a deep frying pan pour the oil, add the washed and diced mushrooms + 2 tablespoons of water. Let it cook well, stirring periodically. When the water drops from the mushrooms and they start to brown & # 8230

Ingredients: & # 8211 400 grams of mushrooms & # 8211 100 grams of finely chopped and finely chopped tomatoes & # 8211 salt & # 8211 2 tablespoons oil & # 8211 pasta In a deep frying pan pour the oil, add the washed and diced mushrooms + 2 tablespoons of water. Let it cook well, stirring periodically. When the water drops from the mushrooms and they start to brown & # 8230

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400g paste
400g mushrooms
400g salted cheese
250g margarine
2 tablespoons caster sugar
1 can of tomatoes in tomato sauce (400g)
Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, chilli, to taste
We can optionally add basil and oregano

Method of preparation:
In a saucepan put 2 l of water, salt and boil the pasta. Let it boil for 10-15 minutes, it also depends on the pasta and everyone's tastes, there are people who prefer hot pasta and people who prefer boiled ones. After boiling, put them in a strainer, pass them through a stream of cold water and let them drain.

Grate the cheese. Put 175g butter in a pan, let it melt and add over the grated cheese. Let the cheese melt for 1-2 minutes and add the previously drained macaroni.

In a bowl put the tomatoes in tomato sauce and add the sugar. Stir until smooth.

The mushrooms, washed and cut beforehand, put them in a pan with 175g of margarine. After they have hardened enough and the water they left has decreased, add the tomatoes and season with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and chilli, to taste.

Over the tomato and mushroom sauce, add the macaroni and cheese and mix everything until smooth. Serve hot.

Method of preparation

Fry the garlic, green onions in a little oil, then add the mushrooms, let the water evaporate, add the paprika, pepper, a tablespoon of flour, then a glass of water, and after a few boils, pull the pan aside.

Meanwhile, boil the spaghetti, drain the water and then pass through a stream of cold water.

In a saucepan, fry the garlic and onion in a little oil, then add the canned meat cut into squares. Fry a little together, add paprika, pepper, vegeta, pre-prepared mushrooms, broth, 3 teaspoons sugar, basil, and season with salt.
At the end, add chopped parsley.
Good appetite!

Pasta with goat cheese, spinach and chilli

1. Boil the pasta in boiling salted water. . 2. Heat the oil in a pan

Tortellini with yogurt and ham sauce

Boil the tortellini in salted water for 10 minutes (introduce them when the water boils). ham

Pasta with mushrooms and tomato sauce

Pasta 500 gr, Fresh white mushrooms (or canned) 500 gr, White onion 1 piece, Canned tomatoes of 300 gr 1 piece or 3 finely chopped tomatoes, Garlic (puppies) 3-4 pieces, Salt, pepper 1 teaspoon (after taste), paprika 1-2 teaspoons, sunflower oil 50 ml

Difficulty: low | Time: 30 min


350 g mushrooms
1 medium onion
1 small carrot
3 tablespoons thicker tomato sauce
3-4 large cloves of garlic
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons oil
1/2 bunch of green parsley
1-2 small basil leaves
1 dry thyme powder

Finely chop the onion with the carrot given through the small grater. Add the chopped mushroom tails and sauté them together with the onion for a maximum of 2 minutes.

Put the tomato juice over them, basil, thyme, salt, pepper and water and leave on the fire for another 2 minutes.

Place the mushroom hats in a heat-resistant dish, season with a little salt and pepper, then sprinkle with oil. Take the pan off the heat, add the crushed garlic, mix until the composition is homogeneous and pour it over the mushrooms.

Put the dish in the oven for 30 minutes, in the preheated oven at 200 ° C. We can serve them hot, with green parsley, freshly chopped. Simple, fast and good!

With a recipe like this, I think fasting is easier.
Enjoy your meal!

Shrimp with pasta and mushrooms in tomato sauce

We passed the first & # 8220hop & # 8221 culinary of the rich winter holidays, with family meals, abundant and full of appetizers with pork for the winter, sarmale and meatballs, baked pork steak / grill / pan, smoked soup, cakes with many eggs, etc.

A little respite is needed for the stomach to recover, before the great battle, with the many culinary sophistications, on New Year's Eve and in the following days, that only the entrance to the new year had to be properly celebrated, for to have a good year next year.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: 1 packet of frozen shrimp, spaghetti, mushrooms, vegetables (leeks, carrots, donuts, tomatoes, etc.), garlic, hot peppers, greens (basil, dill, parsley, green onions), olive oil, fresh butter, coarse salt , peppercorns, lemon, white wine, brandy, yellow tomato juice as my wife does.

You can use any other favorite vegetables: onions, peppers, bell peppers, celery, cauliflower, etc., in the combination desired by everyone.

The secret to preparing frozen seafood! Frozen shrimp (all frozen seafood) are not allowed to thaw at room temperature, but are thawed by thermal shock, immersing them in boiled water for 20-30 seconds. It is then drained in a sieve. Drizzle the lemon juice over the thawed shrimp to refresh them.

In a deep stainless steel pan, heat a mixture of olive oil and fresh butter, in which you wave the mushrooms, garlic cloves and hot pepper slices.

Larger mushrooms are sliced ​​and small mushrooms are left whole. You can also use scalded and frozen mushrooms, from autumn (how do I keep mushrooms for the winter).

Sprinkle with freshly ground peppercorns and coarse salt to taste. It is not a mistake to add dried thyme and / or a few drops of dry white wine. The aroma of the preparation will definitely increase.

Leeks cut into thin slices are added to the stirring mixture until it begins to soften.

The sliced ​​donut is also added to the hardening mixture. Homogenize the mixture using a wooden spoon.

Peel a squash, grate it and chop finely. Add together with the tomato juice over the mixture of vegetables and mushrooms. Bring to a boil, until the sauce is homogeneous.

When the tomato sauce has shrunk and thickened enough (according to everyone's preferences), sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

In another pan, heat a mixture of fresh butter and olive oil, in which you wave garlic cloves and hot pepper slices.

Shrimp thawed by thermal shock cook in a mixture of olive oil and fresh butter, over high heat, for 1-2 minutes, until golden brown.

Why a mixture of fresh butter and olive oil? If we fry only in butter, then by heating it burns and spoils the taste of the dish. Extra virgin olive oil has a lower boiling temperature and homogenizes the frying mixture.

For a special flavor, drizzle over the hardened shrimp, brandy and / or dry white wine.

The quality of the shrimp used in the preparation! The prohibitive price of shrimp (seafood in general, but also fresh or frozen fish), often forces us to choose frozen packages, with small shrimp, even if the big ones, fresh or pre-peeled, peeled or unpeeled and kept in the ice, they wink at us.

Secret for cooking pasta! The pasta is boiled in boiling water with coarse salt, as long as it is written on the package minus 1-2 minutes. Try between the fingers, not to be completely cooked and soft.

The pasta is taken with a kitchen tongs, added to the stainless steel pan with tomato sauce and mixed immediately, using kitchen tongs and wide, slow movements, so as not to crumble the pasta. The cooked pasta does not drain completely, even add a few tablespoons of the water in which they boiled, over the tomato and pasta sauce, while mixing with the kitchen tongs, so that the spaghetti does not stick together.

Add the shrimp to the tomato sauce with pasta and mix well with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle with greens.

Serve hot.

A glass of house wine from figs cannot be missed.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Hurry, the new year is knocking at the door! The last purchases can be made in due time, if you have already put on paper the menu for New Year's Eve and the following holidays. Even if you have decided to spend New Year's Eve at a restaurant or in a resort, at home, each of us is still preparing something to keep our Romanian tradition alive.


Pasta with vegetable sauce and mushrooms are so good that they will conquer you from the first sip. If you like spicy food you can also add hot pepper flakes next to hardened onions and you will definitely have the best vegan pasta recipe (POST).


250 g penne type pasta (can be pasta without eggs)

1 tablespoon finely grated celery

400 g mashed tomato pulp

1 teaspoon dried oregano

2 large cloves of crushed garlic & # 8211 for vegetable sauce

1/2 teaspoon sugar (or other sweetener)

1 very small zucchini or 1/2 of a medium zucchini

1 clove crushed garlic & # 8211 for mushrooms

To serve: basil leaves

optional: grated parmesan or vegan cheese

Put the pasta to boil in salted water. Saute chopped onion and grated carrot and celery for about 3 minutes, then add zucchini and continue to sauté for another 2-3 minutes.

Add mashed tomato pulp, oregano, sugar (or other sweetener), salt, pepper and crushed garlic and simmer for another 4-5 minutes. Separately, heat the chopped mushrooms for about 4 minutes, then add a little salt, pepper and crushed garlic, mix and after 30 seconds remove from the heat.

Pass the tomato sauce with carrots, celery, zucchini and onion. Drain the cooked pasta, rinse them under running cold water, then put them over the vegetable sauce. Add the hardened mushrooms and mix until the composition is homogeneous.

Difficulty: easy & middot Preparation time: 20 minutes & middot Nr. servings: 4

Cut the garlic into small pieces and brown it in the hot oil. Add the chopped onion, leave for 1-2 minutes and pour the peeled tomato sauce out of the box. Add salt and pepper and cook for a quarter of an hour, during which time boil the tagliatelle according to the instructions on the package.
Drain the pasta and add the tomato sauce, sliced ​​mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a few basil leaves on top. They can also be served with grated or sliced ​​Parmesan.


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