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Baragan cake

Baragan cake

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Put the flour in a bowl, grate the lemon peel, add the baking soda, then rub well with the margarine (lard) and

Add 150 g of sugar, 1 egg yolk and a little milk. Knead and leave to cool.

Then rub three yolks with 300 gr. Sugar until it becomes creamy then add 10 tablespoons of milk, chopped walnuts, shit, cinnamon, jam.

Mix everything well then add the 4 beaten egg whites.

In a tray greased and lined with baking paper, spread a sheet, prick it with a fork then put the cream, put the other sheet over it and bake it in the oven preheated to 180 degrees.

Prick with a fork and foil on top.

When it is well browned, take it out, let it cool and powder it with powdered sugar.

Last weekend, June 4-5, the couple baptized the little one. "In the first part of the day I went to church. For the baptismal party, we returned home.

I chose the option to arrange something nice at home. I say it turned out very well.

We thought it would be a much better idea than doing it in a location, in a tent or something.

(& # 8230) Plus I was allowed a limited number of people because of the pandemic. I don't think only a few people looked good in a big room.

Anyway, in the end I made the best decision. It came out great. We felt really good. (& # 8230)

I was very lucky, it didn't rain at all. It dripped. I felt two drops of rain on my skin. That's it. Otherwise everything was gorgeous, confessed Larisa, in the online environment.

What did Larisa wear?

"At church I opted for a long blue dress, and for the party at home, I made a fixed dress according to my ideas.

A natural silk dress. (& # 8230) I felt great in them & # 8221, said the young woman.

Images in the PHOTO GALLERY above!

Larisa Ionescu: "I think I am made for family life & # 8221

"I think I'm made for family life, with children and everything I need. I just really wanted to do this with the right person.

It couldn't happen to anyone just because I wanted to. This is the perfect moment, and it has happened. & # 8221

About the little one, Larisa confessed that she was a wanted and programmed child. "We are mature people and we know what we want to do and when we want to do it and how things should be. & # 8221

Larisa and the businessman got engaged in June last year and got married immediately afterwards, in July.

The man divorced his first wife, the artist Cristina Spătar, in 2016. The former couple has two children together, a son and a daughter, Albert and Aida.

Fish and game dishes prepared on site in cauldrons by members of the county's hunting and fishing groups, hunting weapons exhibition, hunting trophy exhibition, taxidermy (stuffing) workshops, fishing tools and implements, a presentation of the dog breeds used for hunting and many others could be seen on Saturday, February 22, in Slobozia, during the event "Hunter and Fisherman & # 8211 Wanderer through Bărăgan".

Even if the event is in its first edition, there are emotions regarding the organization in the smallest details, we can say that it was a real success.

It all started around 10.30. The Revolution Square was crowded with hunters dressed in specific costumes and hunting dogs kept on a leash by their owners waiting for the presentation at the exhibition.

The hustle and bustle was also seen in tents where traditional dishes were prepared in the cauldron, such as wild boar stew, deer goulash, fish soup, etc., according to recipes known only to them. Very rarely have I encountered such a relaxed atmosphere, even if the members of the groups participate in a cooking contest.

All participants were cheerful, some told jokes while chopping carrots, peppers or onions, others showed their talents as narrators, gathering people close to hunting and fishing stories that inevitably included praises, others showed trophies collected after games of hunting, wild boar teeth, large fish scales kept in the chest pocket and much more.

The marching band of Slobozia also contributed to ensuring the good mood, with various musical moments, among which, obviously, the Hunters' Choir. While in the Revolution Square the preparations were in full swing, in the Cultural Center more and more interesting exhibitions were presented.

Many crowded to see processes of stuffing birds, others to see trophies of deer, deer or even stuffed animals. During this time, dozens of hunting dogs of various breeds were prepared for presentation. Pointer, Dachshund, short-haired or short-haired German Brac, Copoi, English Setter, Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, White Terrier, are just some of the breeds of dogs presented by Mihai Bocănescu, President of the Hunting Dog Club from Romania, by groups, depending on characteristics and utility. One of the dogs featured here, an English Setter, was world champion last year in Budapest.

And the long-awaited moment of all participants came. Tasting of the dishes by the jurors, then by the guests at the event. The enticing smells of the carefully prepared dishes did not leave you indifferent, so there were groups of hunters who after 10 minutes had nothing left in the cauldron, being very appreciated. The food was "seasoned" with brandy and wine, own productions, and everything went "as greased".

The award ceremony took place in the afternoon of the same day, being a long-awaited moment. "The chairman of the jury in the cauldron" announced, thus, "after thorough deliberations, somehow sabotaged by the quality of the drinks", the fact that all participants were winners. In future editions, however, there will be stricter tie-breaking criteria, and the jurors will be more demanding.

At the same time, many diplomas were awarded. Each group nominated a winner, namely the best hunter, the best shooter, diplomas for the best dog-master crew, for the youngest and oldest hunter, for the best fisherman of of the year etc.

Diploma of excellence & # 8211 a life as a hunter - was awarded to “our mentor and friend”, the former director of AJVPS Ialomița, Trandafir Ștefan, who also received the diploma “A life as a hunter and director & # 8211 1969 - 2013”, after 44 years in the Ialomița County Association of Sport Hunters and Fishermen. The diplomas were handed by the current director of AJVPS Ialomița, Marius Dumitrescu, who thanked him on this occasion for his work within the Association.

After 28 years of work at AJVPS Ialomița, Leța Tudor from Fetești also received a diploma of excellence on the occasion of retirement, as well as other hunters and fishermen for whom hunting and fishing have represented much more than just hobbies throughout their lives. -hate.

During the event in Slobozia, considered unique in the country due to the unique way it took place, I saw passion, dedication, I saw the desire of many to know all the secrets of hunting and sport fishing, but also the desire to recognize that these Hobbies can be practiced by many, but they are not for everyone.

How to make icing on the cake

  • Put the powdered sugar together with the cocoa in a larger bowl.
  • Add vinegar, oil and hot water.
  • We will add the amount of water in two tranches. We mix everything and we have the icing ready.
  • Pour the icing on the cake and distribute it over the entire surface of the sheet.

Put the cake in the fridge for at least 6 hours after which it can be cut and served. Enjoy the cake TV or Budapest!

The Regina Maria cake with walnut and cocoa cream is a popular homemade cake with an old recipe that is used by thousands of housewives on holidays. A cake with fine cocoa cream and two tops, one with walnut and another with vanilla. See the recipe for Regina Maria cake with walnuts and cocoa cream!

Kinder Pingui cake is a sensational homemade cake with a fluffy top, fine cream with whipped cream, honey and condensed milk. Like Kinder slice cake, Kinder Pingui cake is a creamy and special dessert. A simple cake if we talk about its preparation but at the same time complex in terms of taste. See the recipe for Kinder Pingui cake!

To keep up to date with the following recipes, donut recipes, uncooked cake recipes, homemade cake recipes or cake recipes, subscribe to my Youtube channel, Adygio Kitchen.

The allowances of former political detainees were increased from 400 to 700 lei. Final vote in Parliament

On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies adopted, with 249 votes in favor and one abstention, a legislative proposal increasing the allowance granted to former political detainees and assimilated categories from 400 lei to 700 lei. In addition, the children of persons who have been in these situations are entitled to a monthly allowance equivalent to the amount of the minimum gross wage in the economy, in payment.

The draft law has as object of regulation the modification and completion of art. 4 paragraph (1) of Decree-Law no. 118/1990, aiming to increase the allowance granted to former political detainees and similar categories, to 700 lei for each year of suffering due to political they suffered for political reasons, were deported abroad or taken prisoner.

Thus, these persons are entitled to a monthly allowance of 700 lei for each year of detention, relocation to other localities, deportation abroad or imprisonment, regardless of whether or not they are retired.

The children of the persons who were in these situations are entitled to a monthly allowance equivalent to the amount of the minimum gross salary per economy, in payment, on the date of entry into force of this law.

Allowances granted under this law are non-taxable and are not taken into account when establishing other rights, according to the law.

The spouse of the deceased in the fights with the communist repression organs, in peasant uprisings or deceased, from the category of those who disappeared or were exterminated during detention, abusively hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals, deportees, prisoners or whose obligatory domicile has been established, has the right to a non-taxable monthly allowance of 700 lei, if he did not remarry later.

The persons in these situations can be exempted from the payment of local taxes and fees, by decision of the local council, the project also stipulates.

Raw Honey Rapeseed from Bărăgan

Bărăgan Rapeseed from 2020 is certainly one of the most impressive assortments in recent years, due to its very low humidity and its purity (100% Rapeseed nectar), which gives it a taste, texture and aroma that you will rarely encounter. !


Storage temperature: 10-25 ° C.

Honey packaged in the absence of light to preserve its natural properties.


Calories 326 kcal
FATS 0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
Sugars 81.3 g
proteins 0.35 g
Carbohydrates 81.3 g
Salt 0 g


The story begins with Matei Silviu during high school, determined to become a veterinarian, without realizing that his grandfather, a beekeeper from father to son, had passed on his call and love for bees. The realization came with his gift - four bee families that he was to take care of in the family orchard in Coșereni commune, Ialomița county. In a short time, everything he thought he knew about his vocation changed and he officially became the fifth generation of beekeepers in the family.

Located near the Ialomița River, the hearth of the apiary benefits from exceptional natural conditions, the river and the village bordering large areas of forests. Surrounded by nature, bees can collect pollen, nectar and resins from many honey flowers, trees and shrubs, starting with hazelnut, violin, horn, willow and dove flowers, and continuing with dandelion, hawthorn, rosehip, acacia and amorphous. .

In this way, Matei-Silviu, the eldest of Matei's brothers, dedicated the last two years of high school to caring for bees. In these years of apprenticeship, despite his efforts and the advice of his grandfather, bees barely produced enough honey for their needs. It was probably their way of telling him that he was not yet ready to reap the fruits of their labor. Good luck with your grandfather who had good and plentiful honey!

Since there was no Faculty of Beekeeping at that time, he decided to study another field close to his soul, and so he arrived at the Faculty of Horticulture in Bucharest. In fact, it was no coincidence that bees love flowers too!

Still passionate about beekeeping, during college he discovered more and more of the secrets of this profession. He proudly and gratefully admits that he still discovers them, and that is what makes beekeeping so beautiful and fascinating.

Also during this period, his younger brother, Matei-Claudiu, began to show an interest in beekeeping, gradually becoming an assistant, then his partner and colleague. In a short time, Claudiu took his heart in his teeth and gave up the Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management in order to dedicate himself to the profession of beekeeper. Remembering that moment, he sometimes jokes that he did his college among bees, organizing their trips to various areas of the country to offer them a diverse range of honey flowers. Gradually, Claudiu became an excellent manager, stimulated by the constant challenges of beekeeping.

What beautiful years followed! They started on the road in 2003 with 4 bee families, reaching 40 at the end of 2011. Dedicating themselves to bees, they understood that nature must be protected, respected, loved and preserved, not polluted, forced or neglected. In this respect, it is strikingly similar to bees because Matthew's brothers seek to bring clean, matured, perfect honey - just as bees do for millions of years. And this desire for perfection extends to all their products, from pollen, propolis and wax to apilarnil and royal jelly. Their art intervenes when they collect these products from the hive and prepare them to reach people in their pure form, without any distortion.

With the joining of the third brother, Matei-Răzvan, the beekeeping family was completed. Understanding that their values ​​are similar, Răzvan, a recent graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, specializing in Food Control and Expertise (2011), decided it was time to join them.The enthusiasm, food knowledge and special personality of their brother, a very empathetic, responsible, sincere and creative man, added value to the products, managing to rise to the level of the most demanding consumers.

Together, they continued to grow and develop from all points of view, reaching in 2019 no less than 205 bee families. There were also hard years, there were obstacles, but they understood that even when you do something you love, you have to arm yourself with patience.

First of all, when you have quality as your main goal, the resulting production is lower. Then, 100% natural products involve compliance with rules and additional steps, require attention to detail and constant investment in infrastructure (storage, packaging, etc.). All this increases the cost of production and the cost is reflected in the price. Sometimes this can lead to questions or dissatisfaction, but without a cost-effective price, we would not be able to offer the best products. And once you try them, you will be able to see the difference.

"DEFCOM2 - the job is serious, finish what you have to do and don't be on the road on Thursday.

A strong to severe blizzard will affect large areas of the Romanian Plain.

The modeling indicates very high wind speeds (code red) superimposed on snow that can be important quantitatively. There is also an alignment in the prediction of the snow layer, which suggests that we are talking about a classic Baragan blizzard.

One of the best models of blizzard and snow below T + 48h indicates a potentially severe situation for central and southern Moldova but also much of Baragan.

Although the phenomena start to manifest themselves starting tomorrow (Wednesday 5 Feb), things seem to be accentuated at dusk and in the early hours of Thursday (6 Feb) ", it is shown in the Facebook post of the page" Viscole - Romania - Blizzards ”, a specialized page about the seasonal winter estimates, the polar vortex and the blizzards in Romania.

Amateur cooking classes

Thanks a lot for the comments, the fact that they look a lot like a message makes me believe that there is a general need for knowledge, moreover, that there is curiosity. That's okay. On the other hand, I found that there is a financial threshold that is rarely exceeded, that of 50 lei for a two-hour course. He, the threshold, is not a realistic one. It can be, for a meal course or for a course held in a restaurant that sells the product resulting from the course, so that the costs are covered. The amount of 50 lei / student, in case of a course that can gather in one place, in a showroom, 8 or 10 people, can barely cover the cost of ingredients consumed in an evening, leaving aside the cost of location (water, electricity, space rental, equipment wear, equipment depreciation, cleaning). The fuel consumed for the supply, the knowledge of the person holding the course and the 8-10 hours of work he performs on the day of the course (necessary, supply, extra documentation, preparation of ingredients and workspace) remain unpaid.

Of course, in some situations, the ingredients can cost less than 50 lei / person, but no one wants to come to a cooking class to learn how to make an omelet, the expectations are generally different. In most situations, they will cost 50 lei or more. We talk about things that he wants to touch, to smell, to be felt by all students, about quality ingredients and about an experience that I see like this: today I announce that in three days we will be doing fish filleting. Eight people sign up who arrive at the crime scene, receive an apron and a stabbing knife and then are taught how to correctly thread 3-4 fish of different varieties, how to remove the bones with tweezers, how to recognize a fresh fish from one not so much fresh, how to cook the fillets obtained, how to place the food on the plate, what garnish matches the fish they cooked, what wine goes with the food they made. All this, next to a glass of wine, a tea or a fresh or a glass of milk (if that's what a man wants to drink). The shirt.

Let's not confuse an amateur cooking course with a cooking school, in which you start a semester and start cleaning vegetables and after 13 weeks you reach the stew. This is not feasible in the format required by the location. Of course, in a course on French cuisine you will probably learn the difference between a French and an English onion soup, as you will learn to cut onions without cutting your nails, in case you didn't already know that. In a steam cooking course you will also find out what the Asian principles are and what the European principles are when it comes to steam cooking. And so on. If you can take notes? Of course, but it would be a shame to waste time writing, the time you should spend doing, simultaneously learning theory and practice. How much could an evening like this cost? I have no idea if you ask me today. I know that in London it can cost between 45 and 180 pounds, in Germany between 70 and 150 euros, in Spain between 50 and 100 euros, in France about the same. In Romania, a country where the raw material is more expensive than in Italy or Spain (in many cases), a price of 20-30 euros / person could make the exchange rate profitable. Is it important to be profitable? Of course. It's the only way it can exist.

If I haven't been asked 100 times in the last 4-5 years about amateur cooking classes (that if they don't organize, that if I don't know who, that if I don't hold), I haven't been asked at all. Well, in order to answer the question with hope (because without hope and with negation I kept answering), here comes the opportunity, we just had to organize ourselves.

Our occasion is called Miele Boutique & # 8211 The perfect kitchen, the showroom in Cluj. Officially opened a week ago, the store is preparing to allocate time, in the morning, at breakfast time, or in the evening, after closing time for the public (19.00 being that), resources and room for maneuver, plus a kitchen state of the art in which we can carry out in small groups, on pre-established topics.

Since the owners of the store have been nice in this regard, I propose to take advantage of this. We have to start somewhere. Here, for example, let's leave a comment on this article, in which we can say what we would like to learn from Hădean or from his friends specialized in various branches of the kitchen, in the coming months. What do you say, we get to work? How do you see that? What are your expectations (including price, course duration, etc.)? I'm waiting for news. Stay healthy.

Successful experiment: How to grow AVOCADO at home + Quick recipe for GUACAMOLE

You must have a fairly large pot, in which you will put flower soil, mixed in equal amounts with chernozem (Baragan type field soil), add 10% sand and 10% deciduous soil (from the forest), all mixed beforehand. .

The book of diets followed by celebrities, from Angelina Jolie and Monica Bellucci to Adele and Kim Kardashian: Amazing Diets of Amazing Celebrities + A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Food

In this soil, you can put a seed taken from a well-ripened (soft) fruit. Since the seed does not always sprout, it is good to put several pieces, of which you will leave only one, when it will sprout. The seed is placed with the end & # 8220bont & # 8221 down and the sharp one up, about 10 mm above the ground.

The vessel is kept in a warm place, in the sun, sprinkling from time to time to keep the soil moist. Eventually, it can be covered (in no case tight) with a transparent foil, so that evaporation occurs more slowly.

You have to be patient: sprout after 3-4 months, and sometimes even longer. To sprout faster, the seed can be placed suspended in a glass of water, so that the blunt end is only slightly immersed in the liquid. However, care must be taken that, by lowering the liquid level, the seed does not remain in the air.

Pack of books Bucătărescu I only 70 lei & # 8211 7 titles!

After sprouting, you will have great satisfaction: in a short time, the plant reaches a height of half a meter. The first two leaves, the lateral ones, wither quickly, after which the new plant begins to leaf at the top of this stem.

The plant must be watered permanently, both at the root and on the leaves, by spraying. In winter, it sits very well in an enclosed balcony (especially if the block is thermally wrapped), at a temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius. Some varieties do not freeze below zero degrees.

Many interesting old recipes can be found in the books in Bucătărescu Collection!

Two things to avoid: direct sunlight and electricity. The leafy plant prefers shade and quiet atmosphere.

Avocado is a tree. In tropical forests, it reaches a height of 5 meters. Grown in the apartment (balcony) does not reach 2 meters. But even that is a lot. As a result, when it has reached about a meter and a half, you can cut off its tip. It will make branches and will develop laterally in the form of a dense bunch of greenery, very decorative.

It bears fruit after 4-6 years and as a result those who cultivate it on the balcony do it more for the decorative aspect and for the healthy greenery it presents. More details HERE!

Pack of books Bucătărescu II only 70 lei & # 8211 7 titles!

Quick guacamole recipe in 3 minutes!

You need:
1 red
3 avocado
1 handful of coriander leaves
1 red onion
1 hot pepper

What should you do:

Crush the tomato on the worktop with a large knife, then place it in a bowl. Cut the 3 avocados in half and remove the seeds. With a spoon, take out the core and put it in the bowl, next to the tomato. Add the other ingredients to the bowl and season with salt and pepper. With the help of a target, everything is passed.

If not served immediately, put the avocado seeds kept in guacamole. This will prevent the mixture from changing its color to brown. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and keep cool. Sprinkle with coriander and eat with tortilla chips and sour cream.

Grilled cheese like in Greece

From the island Greeks I learned that life can be simple and beautiful at the same time. That food can reach the human heart more easily if it lacks ornaments that can easily cling to consciousness. Today I will show you a recipe that stuck to me after the only vacation spent in the land of olives and retsina. With regret (but also with good opinion, that I am just going to designate a winner) I announce that this recipe is the last in the series of five proposed by me to support the contest Adi Hădean and Samsung remind you of the taste of your holidays, after which you can win a Samsung induction built-in hob (CTN464KC01) and a built-in Samsung oven, a state-of-the-art piece of jewelry that I played with very nicely in the last few days (BQ2Q7G214). In order to have a chance, you must post one or more comments, in which you describe as best, beautiful, convincing and / or delicious a holiday culinary experience, be it from the country or abroad (the regulation is here, I recommend you to read it). That's about the contest. It's good to know that the one who wins will even receive the hob and the oven with which I cooked these recipes (there are five of them all). You can send comments to any of the five posts until November 2 at 23.59 inclusive, which comes after, it does not count :). Success!

The ingredients are few and far between: a slice of salted cheese, a few oregano leaves, sea salt, black pepper, basil leaves, olive oil and a few tomatoes, the last of this year's production of my garden.

We mixed the salt and pepper and crushed them together in a mortar.

I washed and cut the tomatoes.

I mixed them with salt, pepper, basil, olive oil and some small, delicate and very fragrant fennel leaves.

I put the cast iron pan on the stove, put very little oil in it and turned on the stove.

I lined the cheese with oregano leaves and put it in a very hot pan (the hob can transmit a large amount of energy in a very short time if necessary, and to fry a piece of cheese, so you have to use, you do not want to keep the cheese for too long at too low a temperature, it will melt and lose texture).

I cut the cheese into cubes that I mixed with the tomatoes.

I then wiped the hob with a dry cloth, less than a minute after using it. The amount of heat retained by the hob is negligible, you can't burn yourself.

Ready salad. Dates are my addition, they fit perfectly. The contrast between sweet and salty has always fascinated me and I play with it whenever I have the opportunity.

That's all. I am waiting for the last culinary stories from your holidays during today, then the contest will end. Stay close to find out the winner. I can't wait to read all your comments (I have already read the ones that have appeared so far, but I will read them again tomorrow, all of them). Stay healthy.

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And here we come to the last experience of the contest :)

This post is also for fish lovers (cheap).

I arrived in Costinesti 3 years ago with some friends. Standing at the pension near the beach, I always preferred to eat at restaurants or fast food restaurants near the beach. I usually have more confidence (not total!) In restaurants than in fast food. As a result, every day I had the WONDERFUL initiative to eat food cooked at the restaurant. A friend of mine, crazy about fish, took his anchovies almost daily from fast food. They were fried, they looked tasty ... until one day, we wake up in the morning around 5:30, to see the sunrise. We walk on the beach of the shore, the waves of the sea hit our feet, what more ... WONDERFUL. Until this beautiful dream turned into a nightmare: several people gathered dead anchovies from the beach and from the shore in many crates. There were so many ... We couldn't believe it. When we asked, they didn't even pay attention to us. In about 3 hours we will go to eat. We pass the fast food, and guess who was there: exactly! the people who gathered the anchovies came later and sold them. My friend had a ball crisis, saying that all his life he doesn't eat fish unless he caught it.

Tip: Be careful where you eat, and what you eat. The best food is the one prepared by you (or Adrian :))).

I thought yesterday if the last country from which you will present the preparation will be one I have not been to (I was thinking about your expedition) but fortunately this is not the case :)
Speaking of Corfu, I have to admit that I liked pastitsada the most (and I took a pinch of spice mix and make it at home, quite often).
I still remember last year's holiday & # 8230 which was exactly how it should be: quiet, great, very good food, rest. The image of my face persists in my eyes, sleeping early after tanning, tanned, eaten and tired well :)

I liked this contest, I had the opportunity to revisit in my mind so many beautiful places.

Interesting idea of ​​fried cheese & # 8230Every interesting is to travel around the world and to know and then share with others culinary varieties.
I wish I could travel to Greece to taste their goodies, but until then, I enjoy what you post to us. Many of your shares later help us to put into practice and surprise our loved ones with more and more wonderful tastes.
I have never tasted that dish, but when it comes to cheese, I ate cheese with honey. At first I was reluctant, but after the first taste buds tasted the combination, it gave me great pleasure.

Thank you especially for the wonderful ideas you bring us every day, especially since, cooking daily for my boys, these ideas help me not to get stuck.
A beautiful day and increase in everything you do.

What will I miss this contest! :) I also have a tasty and aromatic culinary memory, also related to Greece. I really like fresh and fresh shrimp. I could eat shrimp with arugula salad from morning to evening, all my life. and as a dessert cheesecake: D. Let's go back to the shrimp. I ate in Athens last year at a restaurant some absolutely delicious pasta with shrimp and bell pepper, with arugula salad. The combination seemed weird at first, but when I go somewhere new, I like to try the weirdest things or at least something I've never eaten or combinations that are less common to me. So I ordered my respective pasta, and now, thinking about them, I kind of get water in my mouth. :) The pasta at the base resembled the carbonara recipe, with the small difference that they had a lot of bell peppers in them, cut into large pieces. Sprinkled shrimp on top: big and more than two :) and on top of shrimp was sprinkled Parmesan. They smelled divine! I really liked the combination, especially when I saw that they brought with me the arugula salad with cherry tomatoes, which I had no idea was served with pasta, it was not included in the menu. I think it was provided so that your Easter wouldn't fall hard! Mmmmm, a delight!

eh, what novel was not in greece. I always went on my own, to the studio as they say. studio with all the dichisul, bathroom, kitchen ..
after you eat 2-3 times in the taverns you learn the recipes and you wake up: the fresh shrimp cake is 12-13 euros, it enters 18 pieces for every half kilogram, and a portion of 6 costs you at the tavern 6-7 euro. a brief account says that it is better to go to the fishery and buy them yourself.
what amazed me there and encouraged me to sit in the pan, on vacation, is the simplicity of the kitchen. with a few ingredients you work wonders, and this in two strokes and three movements. at the fishery the fish or seafood is sold to you as you ask, portioned and cleaned ready. they were there from barbels to sea bream and from shrimp to sea cats ... even the anchovies were still sold clean. the fish is weighed as it is, honestly, with everything, and then it is cleaned, free of charge. the loss, of course, is the customer's. more honest than that I don't think it's possible.
Would it be a little simpler than sprinkling some shrimp with olive and lemon oil, oregano picked by you from the rocks, salt and a pinch of pepper, and putting them for 2-3 minutes to sizzle on the hot grill?
the Greeks, curiously, do not make garlic sauce like us, but scordalia, scordolea as it comes, a paste of mashed potatoes, with olive oil and crushed garlic. that's what we did there, when you're in Rome you do what the Romanians do, you know how to say .. wonderful idea, because it also takes the place of mujdei, like at home, and the garnish.
I was also stunned by the hot cheese salad, made from a muzzle of cheese crushed with a fork, mixed with yogurt from their thick one and with a finely chopped hot pepper ... good that you can't stop. I'm not talking about dads anymore, because we know him quite well.
and grilled cheese, like the one you posted, kefalotiri they called it, but I think it referred to the variety of cheese rather than the recipe.
and tentacles of octopus sprinkled with oil and lemon and kept in the wind to freeze, and squid cut up, rolled in flour and fried in an oil bath until they become crispy.
I'm not talking about the kids and the battles, but I'm not talking about the piglets, and I'm not talking about the weekly market where you bargain on your fingers, that neither the Greek peasant was worthy of the book, but you can't learn Greek either.
and the ouzo in the glass full of ice, and the mythos beer, and the red wine with honey, and the malamatina.
and figs! roadside figs, more common than our mulberries and crocodiles.
and the oil, ehei, the oil with which I fill the trunk every year.
I don't know what I didn't cook from what the Greeks do there, maybe a few things in the oven, because I didn't have. but otherwise .. all the friends I was with started by going to the tavern and ended our vacation on the terrace .. :)
I already miss it, and it's only been two months since I got back from there :) yes, it's like it won't be that long until next year, is it?

Congratulations Adriane, you also arrived in Greece, where I go at least once every year. They eat very well everywhere with many delicious recipes. I want to say that this year in Sithonia somewhere at the end of the peninsula in Toroni I ate the best tender and tasty octopus because I never got tired. but let's get back to our cheese. Your recipe, which is very delicious, is a little bit Greek and more adapted to the West. Anyway, we don't use any type of salted cheese, but we have to respect Greece. ) si feta Tiganiti. maybe other ways but I haven't eaten or seen them. Here is a short recipe for Feta Tiganiti: Ingredients: 0 onion cut into thin slices, 1/2 red pepper and 1/2 green, 2 ripe tomatoes or a few cherries cut into slices, some garlic to taste crushed with the width of the knife, some extra virgin olive oil with spices in it, 400 gr (for 4 people) Good quality sliced ​​fetta, some pickled hot peppers, oregano / basil, a pinch of sea salt and pepper to taste. Here's how to prepare this way which works well as an ouzo appetizer: Preheat the oven to 200 C Put onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic in a heat-resistant dish and sprinkle with olive oil. Bake for 5 minutes until slightly softened. After that add the cheese, mix more sprinkled with some oil, add salt, pepper and oregano / basil and hot peppers. Put the lid or foil on and bake for 10 minutes or until you see that the cheese has softened. Serve the dish as hot as possible with toast spread with olive paste and herbs. and necessarily ouzo near .Kali Orexi

Let me tell you a little about my experience with cooking. not long ago for about 3 years and a few months I worked as a security guard somewhere near a boarding house in the western mountains (Padis) and not to commute I agreed with the owner to stay there in the boarding house and to work as a waitress and sometimes as a cook. so many boarding houses after about 2-3 months of stay there I was also doing something in the kitchen when one evening a group of about 8-9 people from Poland come to the restaurant around 8 o'clock and ask for something good food made from potatoes in the boarding house were me and the owner, the owner, I go to the kitchen and I tell her the order had no idea what good to cook them from potatoes and I'm thinking of making a proposal I tell her in the following way & # 8221 let's do something easy and good and be fast yes what does it say it takes until we clean the potatoes it takes, we don't clean them we wash them well we cut them in 2 some bigger potatoes so they look good we put in a tray baking paper, olive oil and on paper we put spices salt and pepper and a little delicate so I put it on the hot stove well at about 260 degrees and I left it for about 20 minutes as a sauce I used alioli I consider it to fit a bit hard yes it fits after 20 min I took out the potatoes and cut them on the back like a trout of 3 after which I put again about 20 minutes in the oven some extraordinary potatoes with alioli sauce came out thank you good day

The moment I want to share with you, dear Adi (you do a good job!) And your readers, is deeply ingrained in my being, it is a piece of peace and serenity from my childhood spent in a poor village in Baragan. I used to pamper myself and my sister on one of those endless Sundays that for us was the GREAT HOLIDAY, with a meal made from one of the orangutans that flew through the yard. Whether it was a ostropel with juicy tomatoes from the garden, or a duck pilaf, or bread made in the test and & # 8222unsa & # 8221 with a tomato to face it (commercial), we always eat on that round table with three legs, in the shade a peach from the corn, in communion with God and nature.
I have eaten much more sophisticated since then, different in a good way, tried all sorts of things that I would not have imagined could exist, I also cooked for myself and mine, but I did not succeed and I do not know if you I still managed to find that state of stillness of time.

It was the last year I used the German brand and the first with the love of my life & # 8230
I will never forget my vacation in Turkey. We set off with an air-conditioned Dacia, with a few books about this country still mysterious to us and obviously fearful, not knowing what awaits us there.
The advice I received was to not eat who knows where, but especially not to dare to drink water, if we do not want our vacation to end at the hospital. The mineral water at home ran out quickly, and the sweet-sticky juice bought from Turkish grocery stores did not quench our thirst.
As we moved towards the heart of Turkey we realized, with each passing day, that we could not but taste the traditional Turkish dishes, so, although fearful at first, but we bought and enjoyed the delicious food sold in
the bodegas on the side of the streets: kebab, borek cigar, baklava and the incomparable Turkish ice cream, creamy and sweet.
The biggest surprise I had was when I drank the famous drink made from yogurt, water and salt: ayran. Cold, refreshing, nutritious, a drink we needed to quench our thirst.
A real delight, which I still prepare today, especially in summer.
There were 20 days spent in heaven, roaming the whole country with our uncomfortable carriage, traveling 5000 km, meeting extraordinary people, visiting beautiful places, consuming wonderful food & # 8230
With a sorrowful heart we set off for home (leaving behind a little of our soul) and stopped
one night in Costinesti. After the Turkish campsites clean, welcoming, comfortable, the first night & # 8222home & # 8221 we spent it in some houses with bed linen doubtful in terms of cleanliness, with local fleas that pinched us all night, and we enjoyed dinner at a & # 8222saormerie & # 8221 dubioasa.
The ordeal started in the morning: nausea, diarrhea, fever, yes & # 8217 what else, I got home & # 8230

I haven't been to Greece yet, but if it's cheese, I'll tell you a story that happened in France. I was visiting a good friend and for a few days I was beating him on the head to take me to a cheese tasting. I knew that somewhere in Paris there are places where such tastings are made daily, and I was dying of curiosity to try the famous cheeses. I was in France for the first time. My friend, Jean-Baptiste Berlioz by name, kept coding until one morning he woke up early and told me we would meet in a few hours. We arrived at the meeting place - on the banks of the Seine, in a place with a beautiful view. On a bench with a small wrought iron table in front, JB had placed about 15 different types of cheese and many bottles of wine of all nations, plus the famous baguettes, all bought from a peasant market on the outskirts of the city. He wanted to offer me his personal tasting, far from the tourist influences inherent in a city like Paris. I stayed there for a long time and he told me about each type of cheese and about each type of wine. What area is it from, how is it made, from what milk, how long does it have to stay to mature. Along with each cheese we had an exceptional wine. And he told me a lot about wines. I was fascinated by how much information he could have about these things. Eventually, the source of his knowledge told me: his father, a former sommelier and currently an active member of an association of tasters, had taught him the secrets of those things from an early age. He also told me that he never buys cheese in stores - everything is bought directly from producers, peasants in the area who strictly keep techniques and recipes for hundreds of years.
I stayed in Paris for a week then, but every time I grow up on that trip, the first thing I remember is this perfect day, spent on a bank by a river, away from the noise of tourists, along with traditional dishes and a good friend, which unfortunately I haven't seen since. In my opinion, this is how all holidays should be spent - discovering the true values ​​of that area from ordinary people, locals.

& # 8222which novel wasn't in Greece? & # 8221 Me: D .. but that doesn't matter, I'll go at some point & # 8230 Holiday, deh..that's why I haven't had it for two years. Between children, working at home (which never ends), finding new & # 8222 occupations & # 8221, it's hard to make a vacation. But I will go! I promise! Where? Also in Spain, as in the last two holidays & # 8230 with some very good friends. The good part, apart from the obvious: where do you sit, cook, etc & # 8230 is the fact that we have more fun than we do on our own who knows what island & # 8230 maybe. Remains to be seen. I like to eat ... and I eat a LOT! in spite of some, and my goodness ... is not seen (HEHE). As much, or maybe even more, I like to cook. Maybe that's why the last holidays were sprinkled with my dishes & # 8230 ba I was in the stage & # 8222bread & # 8221 and I made some bestial breads, with spices & # 8222spaniole & # 8221 and good olives bad & # 8230. yes in the stage & # 8222other inventions & # 8221 and I dared to stuffed pumpkins, lentil soup & # 8230. somon la plancha & # 8230. Eeeeh, and the smell of the streets of Castellon & # 8230 and today I feel it and miss it. But most of all, I liked Grau de Castellon. Why? Because there I ate many and various kinds of..FISH! fish and seafood, after which I am crazy, which have an aroma a thousand times more intense and better than any cooked here, in our Romania! And the markets of the Spaniards, full of fresh fish, ham of all kinds and face .. of fresh fruit (fresh dates turned my back on me, and I wanted to start making ham: I alone :))) My opinion only, as a culinary tourist wannabe: P On the same step in the top are also the Dutch mini-shrimps, and the Azerbaijani fish, not to mention the Azeri cakes & # 8230 YUM! Until a new holiday where I promise to try everything I can & # 8230 can only swallow dry looking at the food blogs .. reading line by line and among them: D and then go to my fridge and try to invent something (because that's what I like the most. - & gt and not something easy, NUUUU, the more complicated the better! and I swear I only received praise!) from an egg and damn it there & # 8230. As I read in a previous post, I also brag about burns and signs of cooking a lot! & # 8230 I don't know why, but that's how I love hot pans & # 8230 trays & # 8230and others: D. Today I make a cake, not a holiday, but with it in mind) yesterday were Halloween cupcakes. Eat instant! With bananas, apples, or chocolate and orange peel (my favorite, because it makes me think of Christmas). The little leg is sleeping, the big leg is in the grades & # 8230 you made the walls, like DEH, the house needs something like that & # 8230 and I go to the kitchen! Because I like it, because most of all I would like to find a magic lamp in my wallet that will allow me to satisfy any culinary appetite (and here I refer strictly to the ingredients, because I HAVE to mix them myself I want!), because I don't have the discipline necessary for a & # 8222bloggerit & # 8221, but only for cooking for us, friends, and visually, for everyone. : D

For me, cheese has a funny history and I will tell you why. My husband and I have wanted a child for several years, and our attempts have always failed. One day, I was with my family in Tasnad, and my brother-in-law, a big fan of my cheese, suggested I eat cheese with honey. he likes to combine in a strange way, for me, the various foods. After several insistences I gave in and tasted. The taste was not great the first time, but I took it and then I liked it. I also saw some cooking shows, where honey cheese can be served with crushed coffee beans or sprinkled with ness.

Coincidentally or not, after a few weeks I was in the news that I was pregnant. whether or not the combination of cheese and honey had any contribution to it or not? What matters & # 8230 is important that in our life there is another child that we enjoy enormously, and the cheese served with honey will always make us think of those moments & # 8230

From the Romanian or foreign cuisines where I ate, I still remember the somewhat strange-interesting reaction, but also positive when I saw the way the English prepare food. I had the opportunity to be invited to the table by several families from the English Channel area (Exter, Exmouth, to be exact) and at each meal I noticed the same & # 8222routine & # 8221: I don't cook soups / soups, instead, the entree offers you various assortments of cheese with various assortments of sausages + various assortments of bread (at least 2). The main course consists of separately cooked dishes: the meat (beef, in general) is boiled, not fried in a certain way, boiled carrots, boiled green beans, boiled peas, mashed potatoes and various sauces (bought from the store). sour. Of course, you have salt and pepper or other spices / oil / vinegar if you want to add over the meat. Somehow, I realized that, in fact, for them, this is a healthy way to eat.After the main course, follow the dessert which may even consist of a slice of bread with butter and jam (s) / honey, but, especially, they like the cake. In case you are not tired, they offer you biscuits next to tea or coffee. Personally, I liked this experience and sometimes I cook this way, without sauces, only I add various spices. That's how I like it, more spicy! :)

When I first read the title of the contest, extremely many moments came to mind.
I'll start by telling you how I developed an enormous passion for food. I was a student in year 2, here in Cluj and I applied at the end of the year to the Work & ampTravel program in America, in the summer. I have always been quite picky about food but I don't consider it extremely important, I didn't spend a lot, being a student. I got there and worked that summer at a seafood restaurant mostly on the east coast.
At first I was horrified by the food there, especially the fast food, my stomach hurt every day, I only ate very little at the restaurant where I worked because it seemed very expensive & # 8230 how can I give $ 12 for a salad ?? I won't even get tired :)) so as not to lengthen it, there for 3 months I learned what the food I am in love with today means. I met wonderful people and I was in great places, even my current friend who had a part time job at the same restaurant. He worked as a cook there in the kitchen. I've been to a lot of restaurants in Virginia, New York, Washington, Charleston and I couldn't believe what good things I could taste. I also cooked a lot at home, and what I really liked was that you could find everything very fresh with us. it's harder especially with seafood, spices and certain vegetables. However, if I were to tell you about the best meal I've ever had this summer in Prague, it was something I don't think I could ever forget. It's probably hard to describe in words but I'll try to induce you a little into that atmosphere. It was an August evening, August 10, an anniversary & # 82302 years of relationship. We made a reservation at a restaurant because we wanted it to be something more special. The location was perfect, on the banks of the Vltava with a wonderful view over the Prague castle. A nice waiter shows us the menu that was A la carte and the way he talked about food amazed me. Dinner was wonderful everything was wonderful but something was special. I ordered & # 8222homemade carbonara ravioli & # 8221, it smelled so good. The best thing I've ever tasted is hard to explain what I felt but it was the most wonderful taste ever, melted in my mouth, the fine cheese that had the thinnest fried bacon on top and very crispy, bestial, orgasmic, honestly maybe it's hard to believe but I got goosebumps and it was as if all the taste buds were focused on that flavor. :) I had more a surprise in the main way when I ordered an excellent cooked lamb, medium as I like it and I was recommended a wine and I was surprised to be a Merlot from Romania! I was pleasantly surprised to meet a wine of ours there, it was the first time I saw a product from Romania in an extraordinary restaurant in another country.
I am very happy that slowly we are starting to focus on quality and not on quantity. I managed to eat newer in Cluj and to be impressed, a pity that often the service leaves much to be desired. And it's a shame because I know what a restaurant kitchen means and it practically starts from there and as long as the person who serves doesn't appreciate that, it's a shame and to their disadvantage.
I read this blog quite often and I also had the pleasure of cooking and tasting these wonderful dishes.
I wrote quite a lot and I can't stop, I now have an appetite and I'm going to run to get my lunch.

If I may, feta grill is my obsession since I returned from Greece.
So obsessed with her, that I brought my face from them and olive oil from them & # 8230 so I can do something like this at home too (SPAM: -grill /).
I don't want to participate in the contest (not that the prizes aren't tempting, but a week before you start the contest I changed my hob and oven, so & # 8230), I just want to brag that I do the same : D

I don't like Greece, it's too white, too barren, too old and too cultured. It has too much Mediterranean around it, too many fish, too many temples, and too many Greeks. And they have long legs, a straight nose, a high forehead, peach fluff under the ears, a crumpled shadow on the upper lip, features of Electra. And they are arsonous, passionate, olive-skinned, warm underarm, smelling of squeezed orange and almond kernel. Instead, I like Greek dishes, grilled fish, goat's cheese with a hint of crap and greasy butter in its purse, zaziki eaten only greased on bread, use and cheap wine, spilled, from the bottle of 3o de deca.
I happened to laugh at the Palicarii in the guard, with the red hemp at the top of their ankle boots, because their parade step is more of a parody, and the sleeves of the mundir hang as if they were pinched on the cut of the coat, but a cocoon he hissed and cursed at me in Greek, strikingly similar to the curses from Brăila. I shot him in my head like one in Chernivtsi (because I love Moldovans) and I spent the whole day in Athens looking over my shoulder to see if the palicari didn't arrest me. I liked the most in the country, near Volos, with my friend Ion Negru exiled in Greece since 1994. He has a farm where he grows tomatoes like piglets, on layers of black foil, with skilful drip irrigation, fed with minerals by hose, without poles and without hemp ties like here, harvested with a car with claws and scooter wheels. I suspected that those tomatoes tasted polyester, but no, they were full of must and a sweetness, I ate tomatoes in the morning soaked in salt and bread rolled in oil. And in the evening I drank vodka accompanied by the squeezed juice of his paradise. And I worked for Ion Negru for five days sorting potatoes in boxes and I only ate vegetables, bread and oil. Not because Ion is stingy, but because that's how I felt I could understand his life. And I understood that he remained Romanian, Oltenian in bejenie and with the thought of the homeland and the cob in the Danube Gorge. A! And I also liked the Greeks dancing sirtaki, and I took them to the contest and I give you my word, that I took their face. Now talking about the fried cheese, dear Adi, well this is my German's favorite kind, the fried cheese is a cult for her and I often wake up with the fridge emptied of her steaks. In addition to the way you prepare it, almost identical, she also makes poached cheese, that is, she baskets it like meat and the combination of egg and old cheese accompanied by a little butter sauce, is colossally great. But my greatest memory of Greek cheese comes from a restaurant called Arca, opened 15 years ago in Resita where the owner, the Greek woman by affinity of a woman, offered a snack from the house: a slice of Fetta cheese, drowned in olive oil olives and sprinkled with a lot of dried riganiez (ie oregano). And next to it, a finger of Chios mastic, actually a cheap cumin brandy, but it went great with cheese. I worked in the belfer's restaurant for two months and from there I learned the rule that what is good is either fattening, or forbidden, or too expensive!

And if spring is still coming and we are still in nature like any novel we can do on May 1st, let's go through the groves of our homeland in Transylvania, with small and big grills. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I can't help but think of the poetry of the weekends when, young and old, we gather, women, men, children, all together to put it on a grill. And as in any real group, the men (whom I suspect have gotten into the habit of women walking in packs, then why does Ursu say) start by hey-rash movements to master the fire for the grill, while the worker moves a bottle of brandy, vodka or whiskey (these bottles and their contents are chosen according to the tastes and habits of the earth) from one to another proving their solidarity, fraternity, spirit of dedication but especially, the speed of emptying the contents of the bottle which, after such a team operation, is thrown into one of the bushes that the forest is already full of (full of bushes and bottles, of course). Women, as is their nature, also sit in close groups preparing plates, salads, cutting bread and caring for children, all in a specific feminine din. While the men finish the twists to break on their knees, thus ruining their goodness of yarn trainings, however, demonstrating the strength of the muscles developed in the offices in front of the computers, but especially it shows how much power and concentration you need to break the heavy bag in two. of coal bought from one of the omvs on the road, women feel humble and dominated by such manifestations of force. And as all these successes and achievements deserve to be celebrated correctly, the men, on the same fraternal model, open this time numerous peters of beer that they empty, taking to the competition again, impressing once again the owners of the weak sex. !?). While the meat is being roasted on the grill, the men finish the beer peters and sit at the tables waiting to be served by the women, as is the custom of the land and as is natural. Of course, the steaks are already burnt juicy and ready to be swallowed, again the success must be celebrated. This time the men open one of the wine bottles, for there is no more true saying like the one that says "wine for beer is a pleasure," and they continue their baichic pursuits under the uninterrupted evidence of women's obedience. Of course, there is also evidence of men's admiration for women by themselves praising the way steaks are prepared by repeated bursts and / or in chorus, to the auditory delight of the ladies present, but especially of children who thus learn certain behaviors specific to adulthood. . When all the goodies are long ago thrown in the bellies already prepared for digestion by that consumption of at least 2 L of liquid / day, according to the advice of the family doctor but especially of the advertisements from the pipes, and all the bags in which the meat flakes were packed. or the little ones, they are artistically scattered through the forest, and the pets made into organized piles, the women receive, as a sign of maximum respect, the car keys as a supreme proof of absolute trust from men that they are carried safely to their homes. conjugal. That's how our day of May 1st went.

Ever since I found out about this contest, I have decided to tell you more and more stories from different countries. However, we have reached the last day of the contest and, although the contest is about holiday experiences, I will tell you something else & # 8230

I returned home a few days ago, I was lucky to get to Tokyo. Lately I travel a lot and I like to taste the food specific to the place and to talk as much as possible with the locals, to find out more about their culture, their way of being and looking at things and life in general.

The Tokyo experience was first and foremost an extraordinary cultural shock. And I'm not referring to shock in a negative way, but only to our human limitations of accepting too much new, which becomes overwhelming at some point.

My enthusiasm for tasting traditional food disappointed me and I left very quickly, after a few days of trying to figure out a menu based only on pictures & # 8230 I went to very few places where waiters could speak English (or any other known language) and , even if they managed to tell me some of the basic ingredients, most remained a mystery.

The holiday part of this experience was the weekend when we went to visit Mount Fuji. I was amazed not only by the grandeur of the landscape, but especially by the unparalleled esteem that people felt, calling Mount Fuji-San (meaning Mr. Fuji)!

At the foot of the mountain, next to a magnificent view framed by colorful autumn leaves, we had the pleasure to taste & # 8222Houtou Hot Pot & # 8221. I would translate for you, but I can't tell you better: at its base is the soup & # 8222dashi & # 8221, a kind of fish and seafood borsch. The soup is kept hot with one of those lamps that I used to use in chemistry (forgive my ignorance, as an excuse for the fact that until high school I studied in Hungarian) :)

In this juice were put noodles & # 8222houtou & # 8221, a few thin slices of pork, radishes & # 8222daikon & # 8221, carrots, tofu fried in oil, Chinese cabbage leaves, pumpkin pie and miso. On the tray was the indispensable boiled rice, pickles from mushrooms and seaweed, salad and fried fish.

It was the dish that impressed me the most, first of all because I had an English speaking guide, who told me about the ingredients and how to prepare it. I don't know how you are, but I like to know what I eat, to distinguish the tastes, to analyze the food, to imagine how I would cook it at home and what I would change in it. I bought ingredients from there that I brought home so I could share this experience with my loved ones. The best husband in the world and a wonderful 3-year-old boy are waiting for me at home. Every time we get home, the kitchen becomes our favorite place for activities, stories and play, the three of us cook together and share our experiences.

However, in addition to food, I was impressed by a different lifestyle, a huge respect for people and nature, and therefore for food. Although I saw 3.5 million people in a single subway station at rush hour, people always looked at those around them, wearing medical masks if they had a cold (I think we will not reach this level soon, considering that sick people go to work and send their sick children to kindergarten!). I still missed home, I missed & # 8222roast beef & # 8221, fried cheese, potatoes (God, how I missed it! I don't want to see noodles and rice for at least a while ) and I missed people, those with whom I share a past, a present and, perhaps, a future, but at least a spoken language and a similar menu.

And I could tell you about how to eat lobster with chopsticks & # 8230 :) I am still glad that I had this unique experience, my respect for Japanese culture based so far only on & # 8222theory & # 8221 was intensified by & # 8222 8222practice & # 8221, cultural differences are what make the world worth exploring!

Excuse me, that's not just fried cheese!

I hope I'm not very off-topic, but if the article still talked about fried cheese, can anyone tell me, preferably from Bucharest, if I can find Halloumi cheese somewhere? Thank you very much in advance!

I haven't visited Greece, but I plan to visit Santorini Island next year, about which I have heard many beautiful things! I will definitely enjoy the delicacies I will find in Greece!
I wanted to tell you about my first experience with more serious cooking ... not like at my mother's house! :)

For the last two years I have chosen to work in an Italian restaurant located in a small village near Munich. I was attracted from the very beginning by the little secrets of this wonderful cuisine. .and I came to a small conclusion: pasta can be cooked with what you want and what you like best.
I was pleasantly impressed by the Italian cuisine & # 8221germanizata & # 8221, but much more impressed were my taste buds when they got acquainted with the goodies of traditional cuisine. south): tomatoes dried in oil, eggplant put under oil (melentane sotto olio), buffalo mozzarella .. a wonder and what I liked the most was a bread specific to the area. It was a hard bread, well baked that should put in the oven for about 4-5 times after which it could be left for 3 months and not spoil. The secret was to soak it in water for a few seconds after which it turns into a goodness.
The best combination was: this hard bread, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes grown in their household.
What I can tell you is that I ate a lot more. Many goodies on the table ... and although I was at work I can say that that evening I felt like on vacation.

You say Canada and you think about what? Maple Leaf? Beavers? Forests? That big land where everyone wants to emigrate? That's what came to my friends' minds when I did a mini personal survey before the trip. I confess that 10 years ago (being just a kid) I did not appreciate the nature, food and beauty of the places. Until this year. The joy of seeing my friends again, and I admit, (without any guilt) and of a proper shopping, did not make me think that I could enjoy my soul and my mouth.
British Columbia is the Canadian province of the far west, the island of Victoria being the eighth largest island in the world. (Google for more, who is interested) people so wonderful. I had the opportunity to go to forests with trees over 70 meters high where you can find yourself in the soul but you can also get lost, at the same time. I sat for coffee in the morning with a pair of deer gently gnawing on my host's dewy flowers (although the lady was a little tired of planting expensive flowers as deer food) and had lunch with a family of raccoons (mother with 5 nazdravani chicks ) who ate copiously and played on the table full of goodies left unattended (I admit, I did not expect them to run on me, so to abandon to guard it). The marine experience is unique. Infofolita with life jacket, I set off on the "road" with the kayak on the ocean and I had the immense pleasure of being "escorted" in a bay by a family of gray seals whose faces but also playful and shy curiosity soften you heart, makes you want to leave their house and respect their natural habitat.
The meeting with nature pleased me, "anointed my soul" and attracted me more than all the huge shopping malls and outlets (seen on the last day, on the run, mainly for gifts. As proof of my lack of interest and time for shopping, I came up with three items for myself, taken on the last day from the first discount store I entered. .)
But this year's main culinary experience (there were many, but that came to mind as representative of my relationship with Canada) is with oysters. What did I know about them: they are seafood. Point.
In one of the campsites on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the friends I was with knew from the local fishermen how to cook them and thought of initiating us, the seafood lovers from the Pacific coast. Oyster Bay beach (obviously): full of rocks, small crabs running away scared (it seemed to attack me :)), crab shells eaten by seagulls, remnants of seashells eroded by the weather. A real challenge to walk around, let alone go out to the oyster schools! I started harnessed with enthusiasm and I picked about 40 (which I saw, we took, obviously). Big mistake, I was going to find out. Not all of them are good, not all of them are quite mature, so I had to put them back together. In place, it means back in the water to grow, to feed the ecosystem, to strengthen the beach, etc. (everything you don't need, put back, don't damage, break, you just take it so you have a shell, flower, branch, firewood, whatever). The initiation started with a crash course in oysters: they must be quite small, about the size of a palm, have ribs on the edges intact and mainly be mounds both on those valuable striations and at the point of attachment of the shells (at the bottom of the shell, more popular). I picked with much more care, much less, in a longer time. A pleasant activity, if it weren't for the cold ocean water! My friend was an oyster fan, so he suggested we eat raw, from the ocean, as a taste experience. I do not shy away from culinary experiences, so I said: HAI! He untied them with a special oyster knife, then followed the heavy. First of all, the very hard gray / brown outer shell does not indicate the fine and beautiful "ivory" (pure white with colored iridescence) of the interior, but neither the sticky, watery and gray content of the meat. I took courage and tilted the oyster so that the meat slipped into my mouth (they are very clean inside, they do not need to be washed, if you are already disgusted by what I did). In the second two, not only did I get the strong smell of the ocean (salty but also a strong smell of algae) but also the taste. After my papillae managed to isolate the strong brine of the ocean, which I honestly didn't like at all, I felt the gummy and slightly metallic flesh of the oyster. I felt like I had all the ocean water in my mouth. I couldn't eat it after chewing it a bit, so I spat it out (hoping that a hungry seagull will make me feel better, that I didn't waste an oyster :)). The land of the ocean in this seafood, made me decide on the spot: I don't eat oysters in my life anymore, it's the most horrible food, how can you eat such meat, what stupidity of seafood, I never try anything like that again, bleax, etc etc etc. I am bitterly mistaken. I was hardly persuaded to try it again, this time cooked, by our friend's wife (who had warned me, which is true, not to try them cruelly because I can't appreciate them properly. "Doesn & # 8217t do them justice ", she said, but do I listen? :)). The same oysters I picked would be enjoyed in a different way, which put them back in the extra food wallpaper.
After the necessary unpacking of the oyster (which honestly lasts and has left marks on the hands of others, because you need the strength to open them, they are incredibly hermetically sealed and strong!), The meat was put in its own juice, refrigerated for 30 minutes and the carapace was given under running water so that there were no residues from the opening, mud on the outside, etc. Time in which the following were prepared: grated cheese about 500 grams, spinach leaves, about a pound and a half, garlic and a little bacon. (I sat next to the "cook" to see for myself.) After washing the spinach, chopping the leaves (not very small) they were put in a wok with very little water, so as not to get caught, a little olive oil (for taste), chopped garlic (through that utensil I never know what to call it) They were left for about 7-9 minutes, I appreciated, enough to soften the spinach leaves. Half of the grated cheese was placed over the spinach, which it was carefully wrapped in a wok with a wooden spoon, taking care not to break or crush the leaves too much. and the fire was extinguished. We took a large tray and went to the puzzle. I matched as many shells / shells (I don't know how to call them better) as oysters to stay straight and beautiful, for the feast. I then took their meat, raw and without its own juice, I placed it in their house, on the oyster shell, over which I put a generous spoonful of spinach with cheese and then I put a topping of the remaining cheese and small bacon cut (not very much, to feel the taste of oysters and not bacon). Ready decorated, put in the oven for 20 minutes. Take it out of the oven and just the way they looked, you loved them more.
Sitting at the table, with a dry red wine next to it, we started the second experience with the same dish. Armed with a fork, I took the meat directly from the carapace (like the first time) and I was amazed by the taste of the cooked oyster (not like the first time). The aroma of the sea was present, but much more refined, a little sweet. The ocean smell of oysters was this time vague, very appetizing and complemented by the aroma of bacon. Probably spinach, cheese and bacon gave it that delicious flavor, which honestly, I can best describe just by using the word: marinade, although it may not fit as an adjective. The metallic and salty taste of the initially gummy meat took the place of a meat that melted in my mouth, which at every chew made me want to eat the whole tray. It reminded me of a bit of ripe eggplant (it seems to me) as consistent, but a little sweet and definitely marine at the same time. Surprise, I couldn't eat more than four. They are very very filling and contrary to appearances, you can't eat much. The choice of wine was very good, because it was complete and highlighted the slightly sweet taste of the culinary goodness with a persistent taste, a little harsh and slightly bitter, but fruity (I don't know the name of the wine anymore, but I thought it was excellent). No regrets about me trying the oysters again. I didn't give up later and in the following days I also tried breads and fries with lemon next to them, but the taste, smell and appearance that stood out for me was definitely the ones I picked and cooked (I helped to put cheese and bacon, so put it!: P) by me.
I let myself be carried away by memories and words, and you probably got bored. But honestly, if you have the opportunity, even though it's expensive, it's worth seeing that corner of the world. I'm not saying I won't pay for this vacation all year, but at least my soul has seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelled a small particle of this big world. And in the end, we don't stay with the memories, what if we don't wander?
Good luck Adi, I discovered you recently and I'm trying to quickly recover what I lost. Although I get lost in the pictures, I admit :). I hope you come to Timisoara to enjoy your knowledge and art. All the best!

Correction: Let's enjoy your knowledge and art :) Grammar, blame it :)

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